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Source:US Tennis Magazine


-Was your friendship with Anna Kournikova a distraction for you?
- I would never blame someone else for something.I don't let any affect mythinking.I make my own decisions.

- You now both wear adidas.Are you and Kournikova now matching Spice Girls?
- I don't know.I'm like Posh Spice.She picked the great soccer player and has the baby and the career.I would like that.

  - Do you ever feel that there should be other people in your support system other than your mother?
- Oh, there are other people.I have cousins and family.But I'm just fine with it being mostly my mother and me.

- Have there been any misconceptions in the  media that you would like to correct?

-There are some things that they write that are not true.I am 
not burned out. When I read these things, I am angry at first but then want to prove them wrong.It's the competition, the challenge thing again.I want to show them that they are wrong and make a fool out of them.

- If you could replay one match,which match would it be?
- The French Open final against Steffi this year for sure.

- So you can't laugh about that loss yet?
- Not today.It's still in the back of my head.But not every 
experience can be positive.I can learn from the negative.

- Usually, you are so in control on court.
- There are stages in everyone's life when not everything is under  control.People my age usually are going out to big parties and going nuts,but I have to do everything on the television or in front of a lot of people.So I got nuts a little on court once.So? I am not going to change who I am.I like to have fun and be teenager.I will never change,no matter what,because that is me.For me,it's usually been under control.But sometimes you just have to work on things and learn from experience.
Now I have everything in control.

- Some say that you are not the tunnel-visioned perfectionist your predeccesors-Chris Evert,S.Graf,M.Seles-were,but your mom is.They feel that she is the driving force behind your tennis.
- Our way was that I played the matches and my mom took care of all the other stuff.I was happy with that and felt that I had everything under control.But when my mom wasn't at Wimbledon,I felt like half a player, a helf person.We just kind of complete each other.She takes cares of her business;I take care of mine.

- Your mom is one of the best coaches around...
- [Interrupting.] For me,she's the best coach,the best coach for me.Nobody can tell me the things that she does.Nobody knows me as well as she does.When I was at [Nick] Bolletieri's or even Hopman's,there is nothing that I haven't heard before.She is a much better coach than all of them.

- How are you more independent these days?
- I drive around and do my thing with friends.

- Did you have your Porsches sent to Tampa from Switzerland?
- Yes,but I can't drive them yet.Pete [Sampras] trains there and has a Porsche,but he says it is very special and won't let me drive it.I asked him,but he said "no."